Turing School of Software Design: Module 1, Week 2 Week two of my Turing School Module 1 experience is in the books and I am feeling great. This week we finished a project called CompleteMe¬†and had classes covering topics ranging from Agile Development to Test Driven Design to Ruby's Object... [Read More]
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Turing School of Software Design: Module 1, Week 1 This week I started a new professional adventure at the Turing School of Software Design, a seven month long web application development program located in the heart of Denver, Colorado. As I began to research coding bootcamps, I struggled with the... [Read More]
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Harvester for Google Drive

Harvester for Google Drive Web Application I'm excited to announce the Beta release of Harvester for Google Drive, a web application that harvests information about files in a selected Google Drive folder and writes that data to a new spreadsheet. Several readers over the last few months have asked about... [Read More]