Rails Engine

Turing School of Software Design, Module 3, Week 1 This week at Turing we built an Application Program Interface (API), which can be found in this repository.  You can interact with this API on our Heroku Landing Page to test it out and understand all the functionality.  We revisited the... [Read More]
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Turing School of Software Design: Module 2, Weeks 5 & 6

Little Shop of Orders is a Ruby on Rails project that requires small, 3-4 person teams of Turing students to build an online commerce platform to facilitate online ordering. My team's code can be found on our GitHub repository, and our application can be viewed here live. The project learning goals are... [Read More]
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Rush Hour

Turing School of Software Design: Module 2, Week 2 Project Overview Rush Hour is the first project for module 2 of the Turing School of Software Design. The project is about using Ruby, Sinatra, and ActiveRecord to build a web tracking and analysis web service. The web service allows a... [Read More]
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