Fake Omniauth Data for the Masses

New Faker Gem Feature Announcement I am excited to announce that my contribution to the Faker Gem has been accepted and is now available to the public with: gem install faker The Faker Gem is a widely used fake data generation library in the Ruby community. According to RubyGems, as... [Read More]

Turing Retrospective

My Experience at the Turing School of Software Design At the end of June 2016 I enrolled in the Turing School of Software Design. My goal was to pivot from the world of k-12 education, which had been my career for the past 11 years, into the world of technology,... [Read More]
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Panning For Gold: How to Implement a Simple React Filter

How to Implement a Simple React Filter I want to share my initial experience with React and demonstrate how to implement a simple search feature. If you have a lot of JavaScript and React experience, move along. This is not the blog post you are looking for. But, if you... [Read More]
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Many to Many Checkboxes Tutorial

Scenario Imagine a school that has many different student groups and a need to keep track of group memberships. In this tutorial I will show how we can use a Rails app with checkbox inputs in a form to create, update, and delete group memberships. Before we get started, the... [Read More]