Turing Retrospective

My Experience at the Turing School of Software Design At the end of June 2016 I enrolled in the Turing School of Software Design. My goal was to pivot from the world of k-12 education, which had been my career for the past 11 years, into the world of technology,... [Read More]
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Panning For Gold: How to Implement a Simple React Filter

How to Implement a Simple React Filter I want to share my initial experience with React and demonstrate how to implement a simple search feature. If you have a lot of JavaScript and React experience, move along. This is not the blog post you are looking for. But, if you... [Read More]
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Many to Many Checkboxes Tutorial

Scenario Imagine a school that has many different student groups and a need to keep track of group memberships. In this tutorial I will show how we can use a Rails app with checkbox inputs in a form to create, update, and delete group memberships. Before we get started, the... [Read More]

Rails Engine

Turing School of Software Design, Module 3, Week 1 This week at Turing we built an Application Program Interface (API), which can be found in this repository.  You can interact with this API on our Heroku Landing Page to test it out and understand all the functionality.  We revisited the... [Read More]
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