Google Sheets Course Offering

Google Sheets Course Offering I am excited to announce that I have begun developing a Google Sheets online course geared towards real world use cases for one of Google's most powerful and free tools. Like many of the posts on this blog, this will be an extremely in depth course... [Read More]

From Code School Grad to Engineer

I have spent the last nine months transitioning from the K-12 education space to the tech world. The ride was challenging so I want to outline some of the steps I took to help me make the transition from code school graduate to engineer. I could not have made such... [Read More]

Finished a Bootcamp? Time to level up your Testing

Finished a Bootcamp? Time to level up your Testing I completed the Turing School of Software Design┬áthis past January. Since that time, I've gotten the chance to work on production applications that have helped me appreciate some strategies for testing at scale applications that as a student I would not... [Read More]

Fake Omniauth Data for the Masses

New Faker Gem Feature Announcement I am excited to announce that my contribution to the Faker Gem has been accepted and is now available to the public with: gem install faker The Faker Gem is a widely used fake data generation library in the Ruby community. According to RubyGems, as... [Read More]