Live Blogging a Book Review App 2

Part 2: Authors In the last post in this live blog series we started a journey to create a book review app by going through the excitement of the rails new command. Our app running locally looks something like this: [Read More]

Live Blogging a Book Review App

Part I - rails new For the past few years I have been posting short reviews on all the books I read on Facebook. My current process is problematic for a few reasons. First, I probably have friends on Facebook who do not care to read my book reviews in... [Read More]

Talk RSpec To Me

All the RSpec Style Well written tests can drive the development of software, serve as a quality control mechanism, and document functionality for other developers working on the same codebase. Style matters when it comes to writing tests specifically because tests are documentation of how your methods and classes are... [Read More]

How to Summarize SQL Records by Day

Some readers of this blog have been asking about useful SQL queries that have come up in my current job. So I wanted to share a query that is not super complicated, but very useful.  The use case for this query is when you are looking to view a summary... [Read More]

So #update_all Is A Thing

ActiveRecord's update_all Method Usecase Imagine we need to make a similar change to a large group of database records. For example, let's say I have an application with a Students model. Let's also imagine that their is a status attribute on our Students model that can be incoming, active, disenrolled,... [Read More]