Rails Conf 2018 Keynote

In this year's Rails Conf 2018 keynote, David Heinemeier Hansson challenged the Rails community to compress the concepts in code worth keeping so that we can broaden the base of people making the software that is eating the world. It was an inspiring talk that tracked the history of Rails... [Read More]

Let's make a Linked List in Ruby

Tutorial: How to Create A Linked List In Ruby The linked list is one of the simplest data structures in computer science. Let's code one in Ruby! We'll be working off of a fun project from the Turing School of Software Design curriculum (my code school alma mater). This little dandy... [Read More]

Making Sense of AltSchool's Demise

Bloomberg Technology recently reported that, "AltSchool, backed by Mark Zuckerberg and other high-profile tech investors, is scaling back and shutting a school as losses pile up." While AltSchool's for-profit model is problematic, the company's setbacks say more about the state of education in the United States than the strength of the... [Read More]
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More CRUD with Rails Scaffolds

Part 4 Genres In the last post we removed the database cleaner gem and converted our feature test into a new and improved systems test. In this post we will return to the Rails generate scaffold command to build full CRUD functionality for our genres model of our Bookshelf App. We... [Read More]

So System Tests are a Thing Now

Part 3 System Tests In the last post we used the Rails g scaffold command to build full CRUD functionality for our authors model. In this post we will be refactoring our work in order to implement system tests and take advantage of some of the functionality rolled into the latest... [Read More]