RailsConf Keynote 2019

In this year’s RailsConf keynote, DHH took on the idea of the tragedy of the commons and open source software development. The talk was less about writing code or the Rails framework and more about self actualization and transcendence. The most compelling idea that DHH spelled out was the effect... [Read More]

Stop Asking About Mentorship

Turing Students and Recent Grads: Stop Asking About Mentorship When I meet with Turing graduates for coffee, I often ask, “What are you looking for in your first job out of Turing?” Most of these students answer by saying something like, “I am looking for a company with great mentorship.”... [Read More]

Let's make a Hot Dog App: A Google AutoML Tutorial for N00bs

A Google AutoML Tutorial for N00bs By the end of this tutorial you will be able to submit pictures to a trained machine learning algorithm and get the image's classification as a response. In other words, we are making Jian Yang's Not Hot Dog app. With Google’s new AutoML beta,... [Read More]

Educators, Abandon Ship

For many professional Americans, December is a time of winding down, reflecting on the past year, and spending quality time with family and loved ones. For teachers, however, and new teachers in particular, December can be quite the opposite. The sheen of new students and classes has worn off and... [Read More]

How to Create a Gmail Filter with Google Apps Script

I get junk email all the time. Lately I've taken to creating filters in gmail based on the sender of the email. In this guide I will walk through a Google Apps Script function I wrote to repeat this repetitive email cleansing ritual. With this script, instead of creating a... [Read More]