RailsConf 2018 talks have been posted and here are the seven conference talks that I attended in person that I highly recommend. Thank you to the good folks at Confreaks for making these available for everyone!


David Heinemeier Hansson

This was the first talk of the conference and also my favorite because of the idea of conceptual compression and how it opens up the field of software development.

2. Livable Code

Sarah Mei

This talk uses architecture and hoarding as powerful metaphors for thinking about building software.

3. Reporting Live from the ramp of Death

Thijs Cadier

Hear a success story about what it takes to start and run a successful software as a service company from the perspective of a developer.

4. Running a Business, Demystified

Todd Kaufman & Justin Searls

Todd and Justin share the knowledge they've gained starting and running a software consultancy.

5. Building a Collaborative text editor

Justin Weiss

TLDW: Writing a collaborative text editor is hard.

6. Rails Doesn't Scale

Mark Imbriaco

A lot of good life wisdom about what really matters in this talk.

7. What's in a price? How to price your products and services

Michael Herold

I wish Michael Herold taught my statistics class in college.