Harvester for Google Drive Web Application

I'm excited to announce the Beta release of Harvester for Google Drive, a web application that harvests information about files in a selected Google Drive folder and writes that data to a new spreadsheet.

Several readers over the last few months have asked about bulk harvesting spreadsheet ids. The use case for such a function is the ability to easily use the importRange() function on many uniformly structured Google Sheets. For example, perhaps there is a group of teachers who are recording professional goals in a specific cell in a spreadsheet. Highlighting, copying, and pasting the id of each of those spreadsheets so that the teacher goals can be imported into one central spreadsheet would be pretty annoying. Harvester for Google Drive is meant to solve that problem as well as the problem of getting key pieces of information about your files in Drive in bulk. In addition to grabbing the file name and id, Harvester for Google Drive will also get the url, creation date and date of last update.

Harvester for Google Drive is completely free for you to use. Just authorize the web application to have access to the needed Google Services and then get started harvesting your own file data.